Le Paris Brest - Creamy Crunchy, Smooth and Silky, a True Mouthfeel

Hi! Welcome back to our delicious corner of the internet, so glad you are here! I can’t wait to dive into our product of the month - a true specialty, made even more delightful with Des Croissants Paris edition from our baker, Sam.

Introducing Le Paris Brest. It is a puff pastry, pâte à choux, topped with sliced almonds, baked, split and filled with hazelnut pastry cream, fortified with butter. How good does that sound?!


Well, if your mouth is already drooling you’re in for a treat. In Des Croissant Paris edition, the hazelnut pastry cream is infused with whipped ganache, mixed with chef special, homemade hazelnut praline, and topped off with caramelized hazelnut. Creamy, crunchy, smooth, and silky, a true mouthfeel! The whipped ganache creates a fluffy, airy, melt-in-your-mouth sensation, while also leaves you flying to the moon, craving another one!

If you are curious about its name and why it does not look anything like a woman’s bosom, because it actually has nothing to do with it. The name was created after a bicycle race that runs from the French capital, Paris, to Brest, a naval town in Brittany. The most common story about its origin dates to 1891, when newspaper editor and sports organizer Pierre Giffard, wanted to encourage more bicycle use in Brest by launching a race to Paris. In 1910, local pastry chef Louis Durand was asked to create a dessert to promote the race.


 The circular shape and cream filled centre, roughly micmic the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Another perspective, the circular shape may also represent the head wreath that Greek athletes wore after a victory.

Le Paris Brest is one of those desserts you see someone enjoying and it’s a full body YES. Give your body the full YES =P

Available every Saturday for the month of March at the Culver City window!

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