Who are you Clemence?

Bonjour à tous,

Je m’appelle Clémence and I oversee the marketing activities for Des Croissants Paris. If you ask me to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I am passionate and very dedicated team player. Always positive with a “can do” attitude!


I was born just north of Paris and grew up in Normandy, where Claude Monet lived and the tastiest butter comes from. I studied strategic marketing and global communications in France, then spent 6 months in NY for my first internship abroad. What a great opportunity to discover the American life and meet the love of my life! We both enjoy sunshine, nature, and outdoor activities so we decided to move to Los Angeles in 2019.

I’ve been working in the beauty industry for 7 years. You probably think: why is Clémence involved in a bakery business then? Well, here is the fun but real story: I met Sam our pastry chef during Covid and we had a great connection since day 1 while coming to his kitchen window for my first croissant test. I told him I wanted to find a real handmade flaky and buttery croissant that tastes exactly like in my childhood memories. After the first bite, I knew immediately that I would be back - and yes, I became a loyal customer every week. An addiction for sure, but also a way for me to feel closer to my culture during the difficult times. This also helped me to learn about myself and realize that I had the need to stay close to the French culture that I will always cherish.

Opening Day

When Sam called me to ask if I wanted to be part of the bakery project, I said “OUI!” instantly. I felt extremely honored and excited to start a new challenge while applying my marketing skills for another industry I love: Food! To me, Des Croissants Paris has unique elements and core values:

  • Driven by passion, Sam and Angelique are cherished individuals that I truly admire because both are hard workers with the desire to excel in a friendly environment (always with bright smiles and ever-positive personalities)
  • Everything made in our authentic bakery is freshly handcrafted every morning, using the traditional techniques that Sam has been learning throughout the years and that he applies to innovative creative recipes, like an artist
  • The main beliefs are clear and shared with all our customers: consistent excellence of our products, respect of each team member playing key roles and finally true LOVE that goes into each handmade pastry

I am confident that the spirit and superior quality of Des Croissants Paris will help keep our small business successful and make our dream a reality.

I want to thank each of you for contributing to our development and being part of our close-knit community.


Merci et à très bientôt,



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