Who are you Sarah?

¡Hola! Hello! Bonjour!

My name is Sarah Luna. I am the newest team member of Des Croissants Paris. I joined the team in February 2023. You can usually find me at the shop or Culver City Farmers Market.

My friends and loved ones described me as ambitious, inquisitive, and funny. I might be tiny, but my personality is double my size!
I was born and raised in southeast LA. I have lived all over California from North Cal to the South Bay.

Sarah Luna


I am Mexican-Salvadorian and one third indigenous. I grew up speaking Spanish and English at home. I took French when I was seven years old and continued until I was eleven. I took it again in high school.
So, for a total of eight years I tried to figure it out. Now I’m committed to mastering this language.

 I absolutely LOVE food. Food is my ultimate weakness so working at a bakery is definitely a battle of self-control.

I am currently in college. My biggest passion is fighting for the underdog and is driven by my strong sense of justice. I am majoring in sociology and I hope to become a lawyer. I want to be the voice of the people.
I want them to feel seen and heard.

 Sarah & Skadi

The day I met Sam was a twist of fate. I was walking my dog Skadi and as I was passing by Des Croissants Paris I wondered if they were hiring. Coincidentally, Sam was thinking about it. It was as if the universe was plotting! We chatted and the rest is history.
Working at the bakery is a dream! I learn about the precious simple things of French culture. Not only do I love to try delicious pastries, but I get to learn their origins and meaning behind them which makes it ten times better because it truly is a form of art.

Des Croissants Paris is a loving warm space where I can be
myself and be a part of a family!

Piensa positivamente y cosas maravillosas te van a encontrar
- Sarah Luna

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