Who are you Angelique?

Plant based chef, workaholic & traveler... These are all names they give me.

From being project manager, working in music/food, and traveling the world… I would define myself as a curious happy epicurean!

Curiosity brought me to culinary school, then Wine School and catering both in Paris and New York.

I learned all the techniques when I was a student at the gastronomy school in France, but I’ve learned so much during my multiple travels around the world about sea moss algae, plants, spices & their virtues, and I keep on learning every day. Fast forward Paris, New York… In 2020, I found my new home in LA. 

Work & dreams along with awareness, a look at life, at the planet and an urgent need to take “some” kind of control were the process of starting my own business in the middle of a pandemic here in LA. Nutrition was the gateway.

My 100% plant-based cooking and naturopathic company allows me to express my creativity while educating around nutrition, to share all the information that helps each individual to take control over their health, their well being, their knowledge and their power to do so.

It is vital to eat well and even more to have pleasure while doing it!

Integrity, authenticity, honesty, hard work, listening, giving are values that I cherish and the keys of my success!

When I met with Sam, it was an immediate connection, like an echo. It was simply organic, with a smile and a wink that made me feel at home.

While getting to know him better, I was very impressed by his generosity, his capacity of hard work and consistency in the quality of his products.

When Sam invited me to embark on the new chapter as CEO of his journey - baking and making fresh goods daily - it was a no-brainer.

I will also offer some of my natural plant-based products and keep up with the high quality that stands behind Des Croissants Paris. 

What a privilege.

Today I feel lucky, grateful, confident and very excited about the greatnesses our amazing team will bring to you.

Happiness is peace, knowledge is power! 

- Angelique 

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