Who Are You Sam?

“It's hard to do a fair portrait of yourself. I’d rather let the others do it for me because it would be more flattering. I'll turn 40 this year and I feel like an old soul sometimes, as if I’ve had so many lives…

I was a banker in Paris. I decided to change my career to live out my passion: Bread! 

I perfected my craft between Paris and London to end up in Los Angeles. I evolved through different paths from fine dining restaurants such as Spago Beverly Hills or Bottega Louie, to more rustic places such as Milo and Olive or Clark Street Bread. I finally opened my own business, Delvigne Croissant. I wanted to express my vision of the French boulangerie and patisserie.


I would define my style as traditional yet creative. The pastries look luxurious, but they are simple and appeal to everyone. The croissant is light with flaky, crispy layers on top and reveals some nutty, buttery notes. The intricate flavors are always balanced. The crust of the bread ”bien cuit” delivers a unique smell and multiple aromas. What a disappointment when it looks better than it tastes! 

Seeking excellence is the only way to improve. Baking is a wild art. It can never be perfect with so many variables to deal with; weather, temperature, humidity…

As a baker, the challenge is to deliver a quality product every single day. Being consistent is what I'm most proud of.

As an entrepreneur, I’m proud to manage with my amazing team the most authentic French bakery In Los Angeles. That’s the closest place to Paris - I want people to be able to travel through my baked goods. 

I source the best ingredients. The French flour and butter bring that original taste while respecting the seasons by using local fruits and vegetables.

So far, I enjoy every step of this journey. I’ve already learned so much about myself along this path and it’s just the beginning. Do what you love. Love what you do. Happiness is the key.


- Sam

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