Presenting The Popular Galette Des Rois!

To start 2022 on the right foot and to honor the tradition, Des Croissants Paris is presenting the popular Galette des Rois, which translates to “King Cake”, a French puff pastry cake that is served on Epiphany and has been around for more than 700 years! 

“For me, the true galette des rois is made of an irresistibly almond frangipane filling placed between flaky, buttery layers of puff pastry delicately made”, say Sam. The main ingredients for the homemade frangipane are traditional almond cream and fresh vanilla pastry cream, both gently mixed together.

Then the delicious blend is spread onto puff pastry, making this impressive cake which can be eaten cold or hot (reheated at 350 F for about 10 min before serving). You can enjoy it with tea, café au lait or champagne.

“But don’t get me wrong, there are many ways to prepare a galette des rois. It could be filled with just almond, hazelnut or chocolate and pears.”, added Sam. “In France, we even have a big debate between the pro almond cream and the pro frangipane! The whole country is torn apart.”

Serving the galette is a very friendly moment. In France we include a “fève”, a fava bean known to be a porcelain charm. Don’t worry, Sam added a whole almond instead for your safety. Whoever discovers it in the lucky slice becomes the king (“le roi”) or the queen (“la reine”) for the day! This is why you see a golden crown on top of our Galette des Rois.


Sam is right: “La galette brings back so many memories… The flavor, the crust, the moment that we share with friends and family.” Which kid didn’t try to look inside the cake to find the fève just to beKing? That is why the youngest goes under the table and chooses the slice for everyone to ensure a fair game.

Quand? From now till the end of January to celebrate the new year!

Où? At the Window and Farmers Markets.

Comment? Order ahead by email at least 24 hours in advance:

À bientôt!
Des Croissants Paris Team

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